We at Key Associates pledge our integrity and competence to defend the rights of citizens who have been wronged by police or police who have been unjustly accused. Further, we will use our talents to train officers and assist police agencies in devising effective departmental procedures and regulations. A better trained and regulated force offers greater security to the public and protection to its officers from the perils of the streets as well as conflicts in the courts.

There is a fable concerning Abraham Lincoln which suggests that "Old Abe" would walk a mile to pay a debt, but he would walk five miles to collect one. That is the way we at Key Associates view our relationship with police officers.

There are a host of good officers in this country who perform dangerous tasks in impossible circumstances. Police officers, whose actions in emergency situations were objectively reasonable, are sometimes called to account before the bar of justice by individuals who possess what the Supreme Court has called the wonderful clarity of 20/20 hindsight. Cops will certainly make mistakes during the terrifying swirl of events which characterize emergencies. Those mistakes, in most instances, do not rise to the level of criminality or to a degree that would support civil remedy. We at Key Associates will walk Lincoln's fabled mile to defend officers whose actions in the line of duty are challenged in court, if those actions were objectively reasonable and consistent with accepted standards of police conduct.

Also, like Mr. Lincoln, we will walk five miles to ensure that rogue cops are held accountable for misusing the trust with which the citizens of this country have vested them. While the situations that officers face daily are often terrifying, they are no less terrifying than the prospect of an uncontrolled police force. Police interaction with its employers, the citizenry, must be continuously evaluated to ensure that our constitutionally guaranteed rights are protected, rather than trampled, by those who serve us. It is true that some will misuse the criminal justice system to unfairly target police. It is also true that the system stands as a necessary protector of the weak from potential excesses of the powerful.

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